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8 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car Even When Gas is Cheap

While plunging gasoline prices have been a boon to big truck and SUV sales, they’ve tended to decimate the so-called “green car” segment, with deliveries of electric and hybrid-powered models dropping by 17 percent last year. And while electric cars in particular are a much harder sell than they were … Read more


Cause for Alarm?

Q: I have a three-year-old car that I took in for regular maintenance last week. The service guy mentioned that a service bulletin was issued on the car last year - something having to do with a warning light. He didn’t perform any work (he said the car didn’t need … Read more

Car sharing gains traction

The concept of letting drivers with intermittent transportation needs share vehicles instead of owning them has gained steady momentum since Zipcar began popularizing the practice in 1999. Since then, the Avis-owned company has influenced a growing movement. Besides Zipcar, there are now several firms offering… Read more

Collector Car Corner: The worst car years of the 1950s

For whatever reason, and following a wonderful year of car design in 1957, most every manufacturer in my opinion added bulk, chrome, and even more weight and then ushered in the beginning of a fin era that would quickly get out offhand by 1960. Read more

Test Drive: 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited AWD

It’s always more exciting when a test drive vehicle arrives and it really is an all-new model. Read more

Hitting the Road With Pets in Tow

With gas prices continuing to be cheaper than they’ve been in years, a record number of Americans are expected to take family road trips this year. And many of them will be making the journey with one or more pets in tow. The first consideration when taking a pet over … Read more

Best and Worst Cities To Drive in Bad Weather

The change of seasons can be challenging enough with regard to the elements, but you’ll want to take extra precaution if you’ll be motoring through Boston, which was named the U.S.’s worst city in which to drive in rain or snow, with Bostonians getting into accidents 157.7 percent more frequently … Read more

Driving With Arthritis

Q: My dad has what appears to be increasingly profound arthritis and I’m worried about whether he can do what he needs to do when he’s driving. He claims he’s OK to drive and that he’s as solid behind the wheel as he ever was. I have my doubts, but … Read more


Average percentage of recalled vehicles that are left unrepaired each year. Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Read more

More reader recommendations

Readers continue to relay thoughtful recommendations in response to my columns touting driver resolutions and tips for winter driving. It’s always good to hear from those who devote extra attention to the driving task. As a New Year’s resolution, I reminded drivers to look as… Read more

Test Drive: 2016 Mazda6 Gran Touring

We’re driving the 2016 Mazda6, a fine looking mid-size sedan from front to back. Good looks aside, Mazda6 delivers an outstanding 40-MPG highway EPA number along with very good performance thanks to Mazda’s respected Skyactiv powertrain combination. Read more

Don Adair: Highlander still tops segment it helped create

It’s not much of a stretch to see Toyota’s Highlander as emblematic of today’s auto industry. Read more

Collector Car Corner: Writer ISO a Ford like Dad used to have

I am undertaking a retirement project to find a Ford truck as similar as possible to the first vehicle I drove, which was my dad’s Ford truck which I had to wait until age 8 to drive. Read more

New-Car Conveniences Consumers Crave

Until recently limited to only the costliest luxury models, an increasing number of cars and trucks in virtually all size and price classes are offering an array of advanced safety systems, including compact cars and even subcompact crossover SUVs. Apparently new-vehicle shoppers are apparently taking notice in a big way. … Read more

Free at Last!

Stop spinning your wheels - you’ll only be digging yourself into a deeper rut. That’s both a poster-worthy life lesson and the number one tip for freeing a car that’s mired in the snow or mud. Instead, start by disengaging your vehicle’s traction control system, which tends to work against … Read more

Clean Diesel

Q: Can you tell me what they mean when they say a vehicle is a “clean diesel” vehicle? A: A so-called clean-diesel vehicle is engineered to take advantage of the latest ultra-low-sulfur fuel that’s refined to have 97 percent less sulfur than with previous formulas. The lower sulfur count eliminates … Read more

Auto Autos

Percentage of car shoppers that are more likely to buy a new vehicle if it has autonomous features, such as auto braking, park assistance and collision avoidance. Source: Autotrader Read more