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The Dangers of Driving With Dogs

Add taking one’s dog along for the ride to the list of potentially dangerous behind-the-wheel distractions faced by today’s drivers. According to data compiled by the AAA in Orlando, Florida, and pet travel product maker Kurgo, 56 percent of those surveyed said they’ve driven with their dog in the car … Read more



Q: Have you ever known of or heard of anyone whose new car actually got the mpg numbers detailed on the window stickers they put on cars in the lot (the fuel economy numbers EPA attaches to cars)? I think they’re a joke. A: That’s been a question among consumers … Read more

Why all the rage?

Road rage exists everywhere. Searching related news stories on the Internet regularly reveals the tragic outcomes of such events. Just last month, a Florida man was slain in front of his family when an outraged motorist followed him to his residence after an “aggressive interaction”… Read more

Where to Find the ‘Hottest’ Cars

It seems the Golden State is indeed golden - for auto thieves. Seven out of the 10 U.S. cities suffering the most stolen cars are situated in California, according to the latest “Hot Spots” report issues by the National Insurance Crime Bureau in Des Plaines, Illinois. San Francisco leads all … Read more

Road Rage Rationale

What really gets your blood boiling behind the wheel? For the second year in a row the travel website Expedia.com, Bellevue, Washington, commissioned a survey of bad driving behavior that’s most likely to ignite the ire of even the most passive motorists. Not surprisingly, texting while driving was found to … Read more

Alterna Fuels

Q: I read a story quoting Honda officials saying they would be introducing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in a few years. Interesting, since so far as I know there are almost no fueling stations in this country. True? A: There are, in fact, fewer than 100 in this country, … Read more

Keep On Driving

The average age of all light-duty cars and trucks on the road - a record. Source: IHS Automotive in Southfield, Michigan Read more

Solutions from readers

It’s open to discussion if their solutions are viable, but readers regularly send me their ideas for improving highway safety. For example, regarding phone distraction, R.B. suggested, “After reading your column today I had a thought; why can’t we get cell phone makers to make… Read more

Jeep Patriot: Old-school, budget-wise crossover still selling well

I drove the Jeep Patriot a thousand miles before grasping its appeal. Read more

Fuelish Behavior

Most every new-car ad that notes a vehicle’s estimated fuel economy bears a variation of the phrase, “your mileage may vary,” which has become a modern-day catchall expression for verbal waffling. Indeed, according to a recent survey conducted by AAA in Orlando, Florida, one-third of all Americans believe their vehicles’ … Read more

Ticket Punched

While the majority of motorists won’t see their auto insurance premiums jump after receiving minor moving violations, younger drivers are more susceptible to ticket-fueled rate increases than their senior counterparts. According a study conducted for the website InsuranceQuotes.com in San Francisco, drivers 18-49 years-old are three times more likely to … Read more

Color Conundrum

Q: Our daughter is graduating college in December and we are putting up half the down payment for a new RAV4. We like everything about the car. It makes sense for the life and job she’ll have, we’re satisfied with the price because we know she’ll be able to make … Read more

Less Spendy

Percentage decline in the annual cost of owning a car ($8,698) in 2015 versus 2014. Source: AAA’s 2015 Your Driving Costs Study Read more

Horsepower making a comeback

Whether one calls it performance, muscle, throttle response, or something else, fast vehicles are making a comeback. Though it was predicted that the early 1970’s marked the beginning of the end for “muscle cars,” the specs and performance of many current production models belie that… Read more

Mitsubishi Lancer: Great bones, more keep compact Lancer relevant

Good bones, affordable pricing and available all-wheel-drive keep the aging Mitsubishi Lancer relevant. Read more

Car Buyers Deeper in Debt

While new-car sales continue to skyrocket - the National Automobile Dealers Association in McLean, Virginia, predicts that close to 17 million units will be delivered to customers this year, which is the highest number recorded since 2005 - their prices likewise are heading upward. According to Kelley Blue Book in … Read more

Beware Used-Car Scams

With new car sales booming, there’s a flood of pre-owned models heading into the used-car market, and consumer experts are predicting a concurrent rise in auto-buying scams. “There are many traps that shoppers can fall into when buying a car, so we advise taking it slow and avoiding any deal … Read more