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U.S. Roads Are Deadlier than Ever

The number of traffic fatalities in the U.S. jumped by eight percent last year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, which is not only the sharpest increase in the last 50 years, it means Americans suffer the highest highway death toll among the world’s 19 … Read more


Pet peeves persevere

In spite of the irritation they cause, there seems to be a continuous proliferation of pet peeves when it comes to irksome driving habits. Every driver seems to have certain behavior that annoys them, but we probably all do things, while driving or not, that… Read more

When making turns…

Drivers sometimes have uncertainties when making turns. A couple of those quandaries are of concern to reader S.K., who wrote, “I have learned over the years to always be on the lookout when making left turns, but there are two ‘dilemmas’ that I have never… Read more

Reducing road rage

The road rage phenomenon is an interesting topic. What’s amazing and somewhat unbelievable to me is how full-blown fracases can escalate from essentially innocuous events. Bicyclists are regularly victims of driver rage simply for exercising their rights to the roadway. Sure, bicycles are slower than… Read more

Don Adair: Subaru Crosstrek a shared-platform superstar

No automaker has leveraged the shared-platform strategy better than Subaru. Subaru knocked the industry tailpipe over teakettle in 1995, when it debuted the Legacy Outback. Built on the same platform as the midsize Legacy, the Outback sported standard all-wheel-drive, a raised suspension and lower-body cladding…. Read more

Lead by example

Worried about your teenage son or daughter texting or calling friends via cellphone while driving? It seems that many adult drivers should consider setting a better example. The Pemco Insurance Company recently conducted a poll of northwest drivers. Sadly, those results showed that nearly half… Read more

Don Adair: New Prius blends efficiency, personality and reliability

The 2016 Toyota Prius is everything Toyota promised it would be. Already the poster child for fuel efficiency, the fourth-generation Prius ($25,035, including transportation) grows even more efficient. At 52 mpg combined/54 city/50 highway, it’s the most fuel-efficient of all non-plug-in hybrids. Without really trying,… Read more

What cars can do

Self-driving automobiles will incorporate numerous systems to help them navigate roadways and react to ever-changing conditions. But the hubbub over their future overshadows the many features that are already available. These features, mainly safety-oriented, are so plentiful that many franchised dealerships actually employ computer technicians… Read more

Voltage jump overdue

While 12-volt batteries have been the automotive industry standard for years, some drivers may recall a time when 6-volt batteries were the norm. Before that, when drivers started their vehicles with a hand crank, horns had a squeeze-bulb and headlamps were gas powered, cars had… Read more

Nissan Titan: Splitting the segments

This year, Nissan debuts the all-new Titan XD, a pickup that splits the difference between the half-ton trucks and their heavy-duty, three-quarter-ton brethren. Read more

Erase your infraction

Information from a concerned citizen recently reminded me that there is a way to address traffic citations that can alleviate some of the woes connected with them. Traffic education programs exist that can reduce the possibility of future tickets, accidents and escalating insurance premiums. Depending… Read more

Don Adair: Lexus NX 200t: Cutie-pie or design-school refugee?

Depending on your point of view, Lexus’s small crossover, the NX 200t, is either a cutie-pie or a refugee from design school. I vote cutie-pie; your mileage may vary. Unlike other makers, Lexus doesn’t have a fancy name for its current design theme. Its “spindle”… Read more

Don Adair: Infiniti’s QX60 finds ways to stand out from the crowd

U.S. buyers shopping three-row crossovers face a rich supply of options, ranging from Mitsubishi’s $23,000 Outlander to the $113,00 Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG. Camped between those extremes, the 2016 Infiniti QX60 ($42,600) distinguishes itself with an attitude-laced blend of luxury and tech. Having positioned itself as… Read more

Road trips revisited

I discussed some elements of road trips a few weeks ago, and have now just returned from one. Although they are generally more costly (with fuel, food and motels) than domestic round-trip airfare for two, and use up more time than air travel, I still… Read more

Don Adair: Innovative Volvo XC90 T8 is beautifully rendered

Not long ago, I wrote that Volvo, that longtime bastion of virtue, had begun building cars that might be described as “sexy and alluring.” Read more

Insurance considerations

Most drivers understand the basics of car insurance. Generally, it means choosing among the categories of liability (required), collision and comprehensive (optional), and determining the level of coverage and deductibles based on your vehicle, needs and wants. But it’s worth looking further at coverage details…. Read more

Ride sharing evolution

A few years back, the concept of ride sharing was just beginning to evolve. Now popularized by companies like Zipcar, drivers can share cars with others without owning them, an adaptation of the taxicab concept without the taxi driver. A hybrid adaptation of those entities… Read more