Choosing The Safest Vehicles

Auto safety has long been a hot-button issue among new car shoppers, and for good reason. Advances in auto design and occupant protection (along with tougher traffic laws) are credited with helping reduce the number of highway fatalities dramatically over the past 35 years. In fact autos have been performing … Read more


Your commute to work

The route to and from one’s workplace, commonly known as a “commute,” varies widely among drivers.  The time it…

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Flashy and Small

Q: We love our son’s new Mercedes CLA, especially the smallish size. We’d like a small premium vehicle, but we don’t wish to do business with our local Mercedes dealer because of a history. Are there other comparable vehicles, from a size and luxury perspective? A: You might check out … Read more

Fueling Road Rage

American motorists can certainly get hot tempered, with other drivers’ texting said to be the most infuriating behavior on the nation’s roadways. That’s according to a survey of 1,001 drivers conducted for the travel website Expedia.com in Bellevue, Wash. Of course while 69 percent of those queried found texting to … Read more

Where’s My Loaner?

Q: I just learned that my brother-in-law got a free loaner car from GM earlier this year when his car was recalled in the huge, notorious faulty ignition switch recall. I also have a GM that was recalled but got no loaner car. How’s that? A: You had to ask … Read more

Monthly Payments

Number of months the average automotive loan term runs in North America - an all-time high. Source: Experian Automotive’ State of the Automotive Finance Market report Read more

Be tolerant of road work

I don’t think anyone is happy to see “Road Work Ahead” signs while driving.  Those warnings typically foreshadow miles…

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2014 Highlander: Toyota delivers

Now might be a good time for Toyota to revive the old “You asked for it, you got it” slogan…

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Practically Affordable

Except for those whose budgets and/or lifestyles enable them to drive plush luxury cars or racy sport coupes, most of us, by choice or chance, seek out a more practical ride for commuting, shopping and the occasional family road trip. Consumers most want a car that’s both reliable and fuel-efficient, … Read more

Kid-Friendly Pickup

Contrary to what the past 30 or 40 years may have taught us, not all of life’s problems can be solved by technology. Sometimes a clever fix is all that’s necessary. As an example, the new-for-2015 GMC Canyon pickup provides a novel workaround for the fact that the smallish jump … Read more

Fill-Up Figures

Q: We’re buying a new car fairly soon and I’ve been reading reviews of various models from all of the sources I can find. A lot of them contain information I find mystifying. They’re telling us how much it would cost for a tank fill-up. Like $62 or $58 or … Read more

Oxy Clean

Percentage of all car repairs that required the oxygen sensor to be replaced - the most common repair of 2013. Source: CarMD Read more

Some laws to bike by

I’ve had numerous written and personal discussions that involve the intermixing of bicycles and motor vehicles on our roadways…

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BMW 535d: BMW builds another brilliant diesel

BMW’s midsize 5 Series sedan is a serious car, built for grown-ups and not easily outgrown. 

Its 3 Series…

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Riding in Cars with Boys and Girls

Hitting the road with kids in tow for a good old-fashioned road trip this year? You’re not alone. A recent survey conducted by tire maker Bridgestone Americas in Nashville, Tenn., determined that (of 2,000 adults queried) 83 percent will be taking the family on at least one getaway by car … Read more

Costly Crashes

Here’s an eye-opening figure: According to a study conducted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Washington D.C., the annual economic impact of motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. is a whopping $871 billion. That’s $277 billion in economic losses and another $594 billion in damages incurred from injuries or … Read more

Mat Matters

Q: I don’t understand the entirety of this floor-mat-covering-gas-pedal syndrome (that you recently wrote about) that has led to unintended acceleration. How does one even leave their driveway or the curb under this scenario? My 2011 Ford has about 4 inches from the bottom of the gas pedal to the … Read more