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Don Adair: Lexus NX 200t: Cutie-pie or design-school refugee?

Depending on your point of view, Lexus’s small crossover, the NX 200t, is either a cutie-pie or a refugee from design school. I vote cutie-pie; your mileage may vary. Unlike other makers, Lexus doesn’t have a fancy name for its current design theme. Its “spindle”… Read more


Voltage jump overdue

While 12-volt batteries have been the automotive industry standard for years, some drivers may recall a time when 6-volt batteries were the norm. Before that, when drivers started their vehicles with a hand crank, horns had a squeeze-bulb and headlamps were gas powered, cars had… Read more

Erase your infraction

Information from a concerned citizen recently reminded me that there is a way to address traffic citations that can alleviate some of the woes connected with them. Traffic education programs exist that can reduce the possibility of future tickets, accidents and escalating insurance premiums. Depending… Read more

Road trips revisited

I discussed some elements of road trips a few weeks ago, and have now just returned from one. Although they are generally more costly (with fuel, food and motels) than domestic round-trip airfare for two, and use up more time than air travel, I still… Read more

Insurance considerations

Most drivers understand the basics of car insurance. Generally, it means choosing among the categories of liability (required), collision and comprehensive (optional), and determining the level of coverage and deductibles based on your vehicle, needs and wants. But it’s worth looking further at coverage details…. Read more

Ride sharing evolution

A few years back, the concept of ride sharing was just beginning to evolve. Now popularized by companies like Zipcar, drivers can share cars with others without owning them, an adaptation of the taxicab concept without the taxi driver. A hybrid adaptation of those entities… Read more

Intersection quandary

Certain traffic quandaries are repetitive. One of those oft-perplexing situations concerns right of way at “T” intersections. It’s common for drivers travelling the top of the “T” to believe that they have right of way over those driving the “leg” of the “T.” As an… Read more

Don Adair: Mazda CX-9 drops weight, gains room and sophistication

The second-gen three-row CX-9 is roomier than before, despite having lost an inch of overall length. It’s quieter and better equipped, more dynamic and less thirsty. Read more

Autonomous vehicle frenzy

It’s impossible to view any auto-related publication these days without finding a reference to self-driving vehicles. Some, like reader/driver S.H., aren’t convinced that they may soon sit in the back seat reading a book while their car drives by itself, but corporate investment in the… Read more

Don Adair: Mazda CX-5 offers driving fun and plenty more

Rare is the compact crossover buyer who prioritizes performance. It’s a price-sensitive segment, where comfort, safety and utility rate higher than the thrill of the drive. Nevertheless, I submit that Mazda’s CX-5 is the most fun-to-drive crossover not bearing a German nameplate. Lithe and maneuverable… Read more

Don Adair: Sober-sided buyers will fall for Honda’s subcompact HR-V

Ignore Myers-Briggs. Forget the Rorschach inkblot test. Your truest self is best revealed by the cars you buy. Say you’re shopping subcompact crossovers. Do you pick the funky Nissan Juke or the wicked-cute Fiat 500X? The fun-to-drive Mazda CX-3 or the off-road-ready Jeep Renegade? Or… Read more

Target zero: not a pipe dream

The ahead-of-its-time 2013 Washington state strategic highway safety plan, Target Zero, is getting a boost in reality. And it’s coming from the rapid advancement in self driving cars. Target Zero’s goal of reducing state highway deaths to none by 2030 has planned elements including education,… Read more

Hauling dogs and other animals

Concerned with human and animal safety, reader J.H. wrote, “I have noticed more and more dogs in the back of trucks and SUVs lately. It’s often hard to tell if the dogs are tethered. Large untethered dogs even in the back of a SUV seems… Read more

Dissecting road trips

Winter driving conditions are history for now, and huge numbers of drivers will embark on road trips as a result. Summer offers the lure of clear roadways (except construction zones), increasing the number of motorists making “long hauls.” Add favorable fuel prices to the mix,… Read more

Don Adair: Kia Sportage survives own past, thrives in tough segment

​The fourth-generation Sportage lands this year, with a roomier cabin, a stiffer unibody, a new suspension and a look bold enough to worry the competition. Read more

Safety concerns

According to recently received emails, local drivers have serious thoughts on driving safety. For example, reader C.L. expressed his concerns about pedestrian activity within the streets by writing, “I live in an area of Spokane where the streets and sidewalks are well used by bikes,… Read more

Don Adair: Lincoln MKX mines own heritage for inspiration

In Lincoln’s heyday, crossovers were not yet even a glint in the industry’s eye. Read more