North Idaho couple sells it all, hits the road

In October, Coeur d’Alene residents Jay and Jeanie Froehlich will put it all behind them and hit the road…

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The science of window tint

A recent column about vehicle equipment standards prompted a message form reader R.C., who commented, “I am sure I…

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Color Values

Q. My husband has long (for decades) desired a Porsche 911. (I love the idea, too). We finally have the means to do it. But he is kind of taken with an odd color called lime gold metallic, which worries me because I think that will wreck resale value. What … Read more

Teens’ Cars Found Lacking in Safety

Getting a license and driving one’s first car remains an important rite of passage. Even if a teen driver chooses a more rational model over, say, a racy sport coupe, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Arlington, Va., suggests many teens are driving models that don’t offer sufficient crash … Read more

The ‘Best’ Rides on Two Wheels

European motorcycles dominate the Top Ten Bikes of 2014, as compiled by the editors of Cycle World magazine in Irvine, Calif., with seven category toppers coming from Austria’s KTM, Germany’s BMW and Italy’s Ducati. Kawasaki and Yamaha models represent Japanese manufacturers, while the sole domestic entry cited comes from the … Read more

Blowout Basics

Q: My grand-daughter was in a rollover after having a blowout on the interstate. She’s fine, but was in rehab for weeks. The car was totaled out. We want to coach her sister on what to do if a blowout happens, but we’re actually not sure if there are new … Read more

Kids These Days

Percentage the average auto insurance bill will increase when adding a 16-year-old son to the policy. A same-aged daughter causes a 67 percent increase. Source: InsuranceQuotes.com Read more

V2V network needs funder

A long-proposed V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communications network needs someone to “take the reigns” for funding, building and running the proposed technology…

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Vehicle equipment matters

On any given outing, your vehicle may run, its tires have air and be keeping up with the flow of…

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‘Real World’ MPG Tests Proposed

A version of the boilerplate phrase, “Your mileage may vary,” is typically embedded in new-car ads whenever fuel economy is cited, and with good reason. With gas prices continuing to take a significant bite out of a family’s budget, a common complaint among disgruntled consumers is that their vehicles’ realized … Read more

Used Cars to Become More Affordable

Here’s good news for cash-strapped consumers. Used-car values are expected to fall to their lowest levels in nearly six years, according to the valuation experts at ALG in Santa Barbara, Calif. Prices reached record highs following the economic collapse in late 2008 as pre-owned inventory levels dwindled because of depressed … Read more

Parking Lot Crashes

Q: I read an article recently about airbags not deploying when they ought to have deployed. That made me think about this: Our SUV was parked in the outer reaches of a parking lot and while we were shopping someone slammed into the passenger side going fast enough (officers estimated … Read more

Tiny Trouble?

Percentage of parents/teens that picked mini or small cars when car shopping, which fare worse in a collision. Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Arlington, Va. Read more

Harley-Davidson Unveils an Electric Motorcycle

One of the most recognized brand names in the world, Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson is not exactly known for its leading-edge products. Though it has added contemporary VSRC and Street model lines in recent years, the company’s product line essentially consists of updated classics with bad boy names like Electra … Read more

Shades of ‘Green’

We’ve all heard that red cars are most prone to being ticketed, but some exterior colors might actually boost a vehicle’s resale value, with yellow leading all hues in that regard. On average a yellow car that originally cost $20,000 can be expected to retain about $1,500 more of its … Read more


Q: We live in Washington, where recreational marijuana is now being sold. I’ve been giving my 20-year-old warnings about doping and driving. But his position is that it’s safer than booze, doesn’t have the same effect on thought processing as alcohol does “or so he’s heard” (yeah, right) and DUIs … Read more

Bad Moves

Percentage of all automobile crashes that involve human error. Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Read more