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Collector Car Corner: Readers recall Crosley small cars

“Your column on the first small and compact American cars brings back my memories of the two-passenger Crosley, which was very small and came with a two-cylinder engine.” Read more


Electric Freeze?

QUESTION: With winter on the horizon, I’m wondering if cold weather can freeze the electrical lines that run your windshield wipers? Sometimes when I start my car after a nasty storm the wipers won’t move until it gets much warmer outside. The wipers aren’t frozen to the windshield. I know … Read more


Percentage of parents that register their child car seats. Eighty percent think it’s an important thing to do in order to get safety and recall information. Source: Safe Kids & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Read more

Dramatic and unconventional, Nissan Murano stands out in crowded segment

It’s not easy to stand out in the crowded compact crossover class, but Nissan’s third-generation Murano makes it look that way. Read more

More on road rules

When I wrote of lesser-known rules of the road, reader M.S. took note. In an earlier column, I described the Washington law forbidding embrace of another while driving. It reminded M.S. of another behavior he feels should be prohibited by law. M.S. wrote, “Your column… Read more

Mustang GT: Mustang’s made-over flagship is fast, furious and surprisingly comfortable

My relationship with muscle cars is complicated. Read more

Here come The Crossovers

Car-based crossover SUVs are the hottest items in the auto business these days. Crossover sales were up by 14.3 percent over the first seven months of 2015, according to the Wall Street Journal, making it the largest vehicle segment in the industry. Thus it should come as no surprise that … Read more

The Hidden Cost of Self-Driving Cars

Industry experts suggest we’ll all be riding in self-driving cars one day, and while it’s suggested motorists will eventually pay lower insurance premiums due to the resulting drop in accidents caused by human error, we could all expect to pay higher taxes in the process. That’s because local law enforcement … Read more

Jacked Up

Q: My husband has changed three punctured tires in the last few months. There’s no mystery about the flats. We live five miles in on a dirt road and there are several houses under construction. I’m sure debris bounces out of the trucks and we drive over nails or screws. … Read more


Percentage more likely drivers in Boston are to cause a wreck versus the national average. Source: Allstate Insurance Read more

Light and Lively

It seems every full-size pickup truck we’ve gotten for testing in recent years comes in a mega-plush luxury version that’s fitted with hand-stitched leather upholstery and packs every amenity, at sticker prices that reach way into the $50,000 range. Thus it was with a certain degree of anticipation we recently … Read more

Regional Attachments

While a recent study determined that many import-branded cars are actually more “American” than those from the “Big Three” domestic makes in terms of their manufacturing and content, we suspect few buyers look beyond the brand when it comes to making a buying decision. And that decision is likely to … Read more

$$$ Upfront?

Q: The mechanic told me what was wrong with the car, how much it would cost to fix and then demanded 100 percent of the payment upfront. Would you have paid him? A: No. Never. That’s not acceptable. The exception: if you’ve stiffed him in the past, he has to … Read more

Off the ‘Wagen’

The number, in millions, of diesel fuel Volkswagen vehicles equipped with deceptive emission test software. Read more

Autos steadily improving

I have an opinion of today’s new automobiles: It’s hard to buy a bad one. Healthy competition, modern engineering and high manufacturing standards have influenced current car and truck offerings in a good way. Automobile manufacturers have now been working to improve their offerings for… Read more

Volkswagen Tiguan: Despite advancing age, Tiguan shines in crowded segment

“This is comfortable,” my companion said, buckling her seatbelt. “What is it?” Read more

Collector Car Corner: A short history of Bonneville Salt Flats

I’m from California and would love to know more about the Bonneville Salt Flats, one of motorsports fastest yet lesser known and covered divisions. Read more