Hot New Pickups Coming This Fall

Truck sales are booming, with automakers delivering 21.9 percent more pickups to customers in January than they did during the same month in 2013, with full-size models continuing to comprise the three top selling vehicles of any kind in the U.S. The segment will get even more competitive for the … Read more


Brake Check

Q: Friends (all younger) were talking at lunch with some enthusiasm about “brake-checking” a driver who seemed to be aggressive or a jerk or something. I didn’t want to sound hopelessly out of touch, but I don’t know what the term means. Can you enlighten me? A: When you brake-check … Read more

A final winter’s tale

Spring has sprung early this year, making streets soaked with magnesium chloride a mute point for now. Still, judging by reader response to the last two columns on the topic, many citizens share concern over the melter’s use and overuse — some individuals even wishing… Read more

Best New-Car Engines for 2015

It’s not an easy task, but automakers have been hard at work developing automotive engines that maximize both a vehicle’s performance and fuel economy, via an array of advanced technology that includes turbo- or supercharging, direct fuel-injection and variable displacement that automatically shuts down select cylinders whenever possible to save … Read more

To Claim or Not to Claim?

Here’s another incentive to becoming a more cautious driver. Filing a single personal injury claim of $2,000 or more will cause an average motorist’s car insurance premiums to jump by 41 percent, according to a recent study conducted for the website InsuranceQuotes.com. That means paying an average additional $335 per … Read more

Airbag Recall

Q: How can I find out if my car is among those being recalled as part of the massive airbag recall? A: You should have received a recall notice from the automaker if your car is among the millions in this country being recalled for problems with driver and passenger … Read more

The Joy of Shopping

Percentage of Baby Boomers that enjoy browsing a car dealership’s lot. More than 60 percent of Millennials enjoy the activity. Source: AutoTrader.com Read more

The modern car

I’ll readily admit that I sometimes long for the simplicity of “yesteryear” when it comes to automobiles. They did make use of basic electricity, but computers and associated electronic sensors were absent. Everything was quite rudimentary when compared to today’s vehicles — do-it-yourselfers even had… Read more

Honda Fit: The substantial subcompact

In the past few years, Americans have discovered the little wagons and hatchbacks that rule the roost in Europe and Asia. Honda, for one, aims to grab its share of the market. For 2015, Honda debuts the third-generation of its Fit, a hatchback that packs… Read more

At least I’m not alone

Two weeks ago, when I wrote of the flagrant dispensing of liquid ice melter onto our roadways, I wondered if others shared my concern. I admitted then that the corrosive deicer has a valid place in the arsenal for winter road maintenance, along with plows… Read more

Picking the Safest Cars for 2015

Improved new-vehicle crash protection and stricter laws with regard to seatbelt, drunk driving and teen licensing have combined to drive traffic fatalities to historic lows that reached just 1.10 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles driven in 2013. Unfortunately, that still amounts to 32,719 drivers and passengers being killed in … Read more

Top Traffic Tips

According to navigation system maker TomTom USA in Burlington, Massachusetts, U.S. drivers spent enough combined hours sitting in traffic during their afternoon commutes last year to reach the moon and back 2.5 times. Since many of us crawl home at far less than rocket-ship speed, the experts at TomTom have … Read more

Teens & Seat Belts

Q: We live in Colorado and read that 64 percent of teen drivers and passengers here don’t wear seatbelts. That was shocking to me. Are we higher than normal here? Not that it matters much, as we’re definitely going to have a conversation with our twins. Still, are there any … Read more

A Premium on Safety

Percent increase of the average insurance premium after filing a personal injury claim of $2,000 or more. Source: InsuranceQuotes.com Read more

CX-9: Mazda’s entertaining people-hauler

The 2016 Mazda CX-9 does everything expected of a three-row crossover, and then some. The CX-9 ($31,865, including transportation) carries up to seven in a modern and comfortable cabin. Flexible seating arrangements allow easy mix-and-matching of passengers and gear. And, even though most CX-9s are… Read more

Fast and Frugal Pickup

One of many major success stories in the car business over the last year has been the resurgence of full-size pickups, with the big and burly Ram models from Fiat/Chrysler registering a whopping 24 percent sales increase during 2014. Buyers are taking notice of the bold and broad-shouldered Ram 1500 … Read more

Anti-Accident Tech A Hit-or-Miss Affair

Though forward collision systems are being shown to help reduce or minimize crashes, other high-tech accident avoidance technology may not be as effective, based on tests conducted by the AAA in Orlando, Florida, in partnership with the Automobile Club of Southern California. Specifically, the AAA found that blind-spot monitoring systems … Read more