Big SUVs Are Back in a Big Way

Originally engineered for tradespeople and outdoor enthusiasts, full-size truck-based SUVs became the darlings of driveways across America throughout the 1990s for their rugged go-anywhere personas. Unfortunately rising gas prices and the economic collapse at the end of the millennium’s first decade sent sales into a downward spiral, with families instead … Read more


Text Discrepancies

Q: Is it illegal to text while driving in all 50 states? A: Not quite. I did not do this state-by-state survey myself, the Associated Press reported it in June, using some information from AAA, and I trust the results: Montana is the only state that doesn’t ban at least … Read more

The quest for low miles

During a recent chat with a car dealer, the subject of used-vehicle miles came up.  As we spoke, we discussed…

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Where Comfort is King

Among those who face the most grueling rush hour commutes, we’d bet comfort trumps performance by a large margin, and with good reason. Owning a car that can make a lightning fast leap to 60 mph and careen around the corners like a go-kart is of little consolation while crawling … Read more

Baby Boomers Still Drive New-Car Sales

Despite automakers’ efforts to attract younger customers with a proliferation of smaller models infused with the latest technology, new-car buyers continue to show their age. The industry average in the U.S. stands at 51.8 years old, according to IHS Automotive in Southfield, Mich., which is up from 48 years old … Read more

Tiny Hues

Percentage of all cars that are yellow and orange. Source: iSeeCars.com CEO, Phong Ly Read more

Avoiding vehicle crashes

This summer, I’ve touted my perceptions of the positive aspects of road trips.  While currently in the midst of…

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Hyundai Tucson is a tidy package


By the terms of the unwritten rules of the automotive world, every car must grow larger with each succeeding generation…

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Freshman Class of 2015

Like parents sending their kids off to college for the first time, automakers ship an array of all-new models to dealers’ showrooms each fall they hope will become successful down the road. Here’s a quick look at eight never-before-seen models premiering for 2015 that are sure to garner attention among … Read more

In Memoriam

With a bevy of new models on the way this fall, it’s inevitable some cars are being discontinued to make way for them. Here’s a quick look at several models buyers won’t be seeing for 2015: • Acura ILX Hybrid. This slow-selling compact hybrid gets the axe, though the gasoline … Read more

On the Plate

Many readers wrote to support the idea of reporting to a state hotline the license plate numbers of aggressive drivers. (I mentioned the Colorado practice in a recent column - it leads to the aggressor receiving an official “someone saw you driving like a fool” letter.) Although all acknowledged this … Read more


Number (in millions) of used cars that were listed for sale online in 2013 that were involved in an open safety recall. Source: CARFAX Read more

How to act when stopped

Most drivers get a bit nervous when a police vehicle is following them.  That nervousness is not warranted if you…

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Your commute to work

The route to and from one’s workplace, commonly known as a “commute,” varies widely among drivers.  The time it…

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Choosing The Safest Vehicles

Auto safety has long been a hot-button issue among new car shoppers, and for good reason. Advances in auto design and occupant protection (along with tougher traffic laws) are credited with helping reduce the number of highway fatalities dramatically over the past 35 years. In fact autos have been performing … Read more

How Humiliating!

Sometimes even the most cautious motorists can embarrass themselves shamefully behind the wheel. More than 90 percent of those queried admitted to at least one mortifying gaffe, with nearly five percent confessing to 10 or more, according to a recent survey conducted among 2,000 licensed drivers by Insurance.com in Foster … Read more

Flashy and Small

Q: We love our son’s new Mercedes CLA, especially the smallish size. We’d like a small premium vehicle, but we don’t wish to do business with our local Mercedes dealer because of a history. Are there other comparable vehicles, from a size and luxury perspective? A: You might check out … Read more