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Record Number of Motorists Ignoring Record Number of Recalls

We suppose this is akin to hiding something in plain sight, but recent data shows that the largest and highest-profile safety related auto recalls are also the ones that most often go ignored by consumers. This is fast becoming a widespread and potentially dangerous problem. According to data compiled by … Read more


The driving end game

The time to quit driving arrives for everyone. The decision to hang up the keys does not come as readily, however, as the symptoms indicating that the time has come. For starters, drivers with an advanced age or medical condition impairing their ability to safely… Read more

Crazy Gizmos

Question: I know you keep up with the latest gizmos and gadgets carmakers are offering. What’s the craziest you saw or read about in 2016 models? Answer: Easy: the power seatbelt “presenters” on the Buick Cascada, apparently intended for people too tired or lazy to actually extend an arm and … Read more

Don Adair: Little Hyundai crossover makes big value proposition

For purely selfish reasons, I wish Hyundai would revise its crossover naming strategy. Just last weekend, I found myself trying to explain the differences between the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport. In a nutshell: The midsize Santa Fe (from $31,695, including transportation) accommodates as… Read more

Local drivers’ questions

The intersection at Wellesley and Freya is closed for the construction of a roundabout there. Just as I read about that, an email from reader T.R. arrived, asking, “Can you comment on the proper rules when using the traffic circles at intersections, where each direction… Read more

Fatal Uptick

Percentage increase in traffic deaths in 2015 versus 2014 - the first single-year increase of this magnitude since 1966. Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Read more

Brown Gets Big

Question: Feels like I’m seeing lots more brown vehicles. True or my imagination? Answer: True. Beginning in about 2013, predictions began that brown would heat up. And that’s proven true. It hasn’t overtaken white, silver or black, and it won’t, but there’s more of it. I especially like “autumn shimmer” … Read more

Millennials Crave Cars, Survey Says

Despite previous reports that suggested the internet, social media, car sharing and public transportation had supplanted the need for a driver’s license among those in their late teens and 20s, perhaps the millennial generation isn’t so down on cars after all. A recent survey of 1,000 adults age 18-34 conducted … Read more

Auto technology defined

With the advent of driver assist and driver warning systems, pairings with technologies not previously associated with automobiles are emerging. The tech elements of those once uncommon systems will be ever more integrated with the development of self-driving vehicles. For example, cameras, besides becoming a… Read more

Don Adair: Acura RDX hits its stride in second generation

Like many of my peers, I sang the praises of Acura’s RDX compact crossover when it launched in 2006. That first-gen RDX took direct aim at enthusiasts. Its turbocharged four-cylinder engine (240 horsepower/260 pound-feet of torque) made power in pulse-quickening surges. Its rigid, lightweight platform… Read more

Millennials Behind the Wheel

Percentage of millennials that currently own a car. Source: CreditKarma.com, San Francisco, California Read more

Ford Reboots Heavy Hitters for 2017

Pickup trucks are hot sellers these days as buyers are again snapping up in earnest the most purposeful rides on the road. Following the successful redesign of its standard-duty full-size F-150, Ford gives its Super Duty line a major makeover for 2017 that includes both a burly new look and … Read more

Color-Keyed Resale Values

It seems that in addition to a vehicle’s age, condition and mileage, and local supply and demand, a car’s color can affect a given vehicle’s resale value. Orange, yellow and green vehicles were found to retain the highest percentages of their original values after three years, at 78.4, 78.0 and … Read more

Roads to autonomy differ

Automotive journals, including this one, are wrought with news of imminent autonomous automobile arrival. But the various players attempting this achievement are exhibiting divergent paths to their goals. Last week, Ford Motor Company announced that it would make driverless cars available to the public for… Read more

In a Fog

Q: Here in California, the driver manual says to drive in fog with low beams. A recent article you published in our local paper said the same. What’s the use for vehicles equipped with fog lights? A. Excellent question to raise. Here’s a big reason why most advice makes reference … Read more

Don Adair: Unconventional Honda Ridgeline stands out in pickup crowd

Honda’s Ridgeline pickup just complete a two-year hiatus during which it did some soul-searching and realigned its priorities. Now, the five-passenger, midsize pickup is back. And what it gained in the transition far overshadows what it lost. Gone for good are the flying-buttress C pillars,… Read more

Helmet Head

60.7 Percentage of motorcyclists that used DOT-compliant motorcycle helmets in 2015, down from 63.4 percent 2014. Source: National Occupant Protection Use Survey Read more