Take That Mother Nature!

It’s that time of the year again. Time to shop for a new coat and a pair of boots to help block winter’s icy chill outdoors, and install the storm windows and stuff up the cracks to keep things toasty indoors. Importantly, this is also time to ensure that one’s … Read more


Reader Advice

This week, I’m passing on some communication from readers who have some observations definitely worth sharing: First, a sharp-eye reader corrects me. He politely told me I’d recently messed up. “I have a comment regarding the Dodge Ram EcoDiesel mentioned in your column,” he wrote. “It is no longer the … Read more

Adjust to winter driving

Soon, we are likely to experience additional driving challenges.  With the advent of winter’s rain, fog, ice, snow and…

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Must-Have Safety and Connectivity Features

The term “basic transportation” is all but a misnomer in the automotive business these days, as even the smallest rides on a dealer’s lot can be fitted with a fanciful assortment of high-tech features. Looking for a car that comes with an in-dash cassette player? You’ll be lucky to find … Read more

Saying Awake Behind the Wheel

Wake up! According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ga., drowsy driving is responsible for between 15-33 percent of all fatal crashes in the U.S. A recent survey conducted by marketing research firm DMEautomotive in Daytona Beach, Fla., found that sleepy drivers are mostly relying on … Read more

Adieu, Cube

Q: Three friends with Nissan Cubes love them. I’m seriously considering buying one. The guy at my dealership said they’re not going to handle them anymore because of low sales. They had several low-mileage Cubes. My question: would it be wise to buy this car? My concern, of course, is … Read more

Speed Racers

Percentage of all Subaru WRX owners that have been ticketed for speeding - the most of any car on the market. Source: Insurance.com Read more

Scrutinize those driving tips

I received a reader email with a couple of driving tips that especially apply as winter approaches.  Sometimes, simple reminders…

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Outlander Sport: Mitsubishi’s value proposition

Top dog in Mitsubishi’s abbreviated U.S. lineup, the Outlander Sport claims an affordable price tag, a big warranty…

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Driving with the Big Boys

Whether it’s because American motorists have finally gotten accustomed to high gasoline prices or pent up demand stifled by the Great Recession is finally boiling over, sales of large SUVs are on a roll, swelling by an industry leading 15.6 percent through the first nine months of 2014, according to … Read more

Has Your Car Been Recalled?

The auto industry is on pace to shatter the all-time record for most recalls in a calendar year, with several high-profile initiatives dominating the news throughout 2014. In response, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Washington, D.C., recently launched a free online database that allows consumers to determine if … Read more

Alcohol Fatalities

Q: I’ve seen figures on how many accidents are alcohol-related, but I’ve never seen figures on how many traffic fatalities are. A: About one-fourth (24 percent) of drivers involved in fatal car crashes had a positive blood alcohol concentration, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A reader asks … Read more

Perk Up!

Percentage of drivers who drink a caffeinated beverage to help fight drowsiness behind the wheel. Source: DMEautomotive Read more

Applying the B.R.A.K.E.S.

Tragically, an inordinate number of teenage drivers — some 5000 annually — lose their lives in automobile accidents.

We all hear about…

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Hottest (For the Wrong Reason) Cars

While heads will turn whenever a flashy sports car assumes a prime parking position - and one can bet that its owner has fitted his or her coveted ride with every anti-theft device available - it’s the Plain Janes of the automotive world that actually draw the most attention from … Read more

Tailgate Tomfoolery

Truck tailgates are fast becoming the components of choice among car thieves, particularly in areas of the country where pickups are most prevalent. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau in Des Plaines, Ill., tailgate thefts jumped by 31 percent last year, from 831 in 2012 to 1,090 in 2013, … Read more

Pot Problems

A column in which I responded to a reader who requested stats relating to legalizing marijuana and subsequent stoned driving numbers prompted much response. “You are ignorant on this point - obviously speaking from prejudice rather than experience,” wrote one. Nothing more … just that. “You’re a fool. Pot doesn’t … Read more