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Don Adair: Mitsubishi Mirage G4 defines basic transportation

Several years ago, a young couple hit me up for some car advice. Following a long decline, their car had finally expired. Now they longed for the security of a new car and its warranty. They were living off what they could squeeze out of… Read more


Global love affair

It’s evident that Americans love their automobiles. First, we keep buying them in spite of ever-growing “sticker shock.” Despite an initial cost, operating expense and depreciation that few consumer goods rival, the love affair (maybe love/hate at times) continues. The ubiquitous array of clubs, collector… Read more

Hail Damage Up

Question: We’ve had many hailstorms the past two summers. Our insurance agent said our car insurance rates would go up, not because we made a claim (we didn’t) but because of the pool we’re in and the claims history. I accept that, though I don’t love it. It made me … Read more

Auto detailing details

A well-detailed car or truck shows pride of ownership. Besides that, it helps protect your dollar investment by averting the ravaging effects that exposure to the elements heaps on your ride. Dirt roads and foul weather are not the only culprits in the detrimental mix… Read more

Cowl Shake

Question: We read a review of a car my husband is interested in buying, and it said it had rather severe “cowl shake.” What does that mean? Answer: Clearly, he’s interested in buying a convertible! Cowl shake is the term given to the slight rocking motion or vibration you get … Read more

Gas Prices Squeeze Hybrid Car Affordability

With gas prices continuing to be more affordable than they’ve been in a decade and the fuel economy of conventional cars reaching new heights, only a handful of fuel-saving hybrid-electric vehicles make financial sense to own these days. That’s according to an analysis of new-vehicle ownership costs conducted by the … Read more

Look out for the little guy

For many, the bicycling and motorcycling season is coming to a close. But for others, who ride two-wheelers all year, a possibly more perilous period may be coming. Automobile drivers often have a difficult time recognizing bikes and cycles in the summer when they are… Read more

Don Adair: Kia K900 challenges the upscale status quo

Heading out of Chicago in a mid-day rainstorm, I power on the rain-sensing windshield wipers, activate the intelligent cruise control and settle in for a quick drive north. We’re deeply ensconced in the leathery confines of the 2016 Kia K900, a full-size luxury sedan from… Read more

Best and Worst Cities for Drivers

If there is such a thing as automotive nirvana, it’s a place where there’s little traffic, few car thefts, cheap gas, low parking rates and a repair shop on every corner. Those, in fact, are among the 21 metrics upon which the personal finance website WalletHub in Washington, D.C., based … Read more

Record Number of Motorists Ignoring Record Number of Recalls

We suppose this is akin to hiding something in plain sight, but recent data shows that the largest and highest-profile safety related auto recalls are also the ones that most often go ignored by consumers. This is fast becoming a widespread and potentially dangerous problem. According to data compiled by … Read more

The driving end game

The time to quit driving arrives for everyone. The decision to hang up the keys does not come as readily, however, as the symptoms indicating that the time has come. For starters, drivers with an advanced age or medical condition impairing their ability to safely… Read more

Don Adair: Accord Hybrid holds Honda’s future in capable hands

Faced by the twin pressures of competition and escalating efficiency standards, automakers find themselves forever falling into the future. That crossover you bought last week? A team of engineers, designers and product planners is already working on its replacement. The current crop of gas-electric hybrids… Read more

Crazy Gizmos

Question: I know you keep up with the latest gizmos and gadgets carmakers are offering. What’s the craziest you saw or read about in 2016 models? Answer: Easy: the power seatbelt “presenters” on the Buick Cascada, apparently intended for people too tired or lazy to actually extend an arm and … Read more

Slippery When Iced

Percentage of the 52,000 environmental-caused vehicle crashes between 2005-07 that were attributed to slick roads. Source: U.S. Department of Transportation Read more

Old Hondas Most-Stolen Cars

Who could blame owners of racy sports cars and flashy luxury vehicles for worrying that thieves are targeting their rides? True, anyone who’s parking a $300,000 Bentley or Ferrari in the garage has probably invested some serious money on security, but the latest data shows that owners of older cars … Read more

Don Adair: Little Hyundai crossover makes big value proposition

For purely selfish reasons, I wish Hyundai would revise its crossover naming strategy. Just last weekend, I found myself trying to explain the differences between the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport. In a nutshell: The midsize Santa Fe (from $31,695, including transportation) accommodates as… Read more

Local drivers’ questions

The intersection at Wellesley and Freya is closed for the construction of a roundabout there. Just as I read about that, an email from reader T.R. arrived, asking, “Can you comment on the proper rules when using the traffic circles at intersections, where each direction… Read more