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Don Adair: Kia Sportage survives own past, thrives in tough segment

​The fourth-generation Sportage lands this year, with a roomier cabin, a stiffer unibody, a new suspension and a look bold enough to worry the competition. Read more


Dissecting road trips

Winter driving conditions are history for now, and huge numbers of drivers will embark on road trips as a result. Summer offers the lure of clear roadways (except construction zones), increasing the number of motorists making “long hauls.” Add favorable fuel prices to the mix,… Read more

Safety concerns

According to recently received emails, local drivers have serious thoughts on driving safety. For example, reader C.L. expressed his concerns about pedestrian activity within the streets by writing, “I live in an area of Spokane where the streets and sidewalks are well used by bikes,… Read more

Extreme driverless sport

Just when we are trying to reckon with the concept of driverless cars, some envision those vehicles competing on a race track. Kinetik, a London investment fund headed by Russian entrepreneur Denis Sverdlov, has released a rendering of a Formula One racecar having one glaring… Read more

Thoughts to ponder

Readers regularly send me ideas, pet peeves and questions pertaining to driving. At times, I have answers to those inquiries, but other times I simply reply, “Good question!” One of those good questions that warrants pondering came from R.H. who wrote, “I find the idea… Read more

On drivers’ minds

Usually reader/driver comments typify the thoughts of many. For example, I regularly receive reader concerns about certain traffic patterns in our region. Not surprisingly, a significant majority of those reports involve intersections, where vehicular conflict intensifies. And one of those intersections I often hear about… Read more

Self-driving fast track

Lately, I’ve reported on the automotive industry’s zeal over self-driving vehicles. Billions of investment dollars by the likes of Ford Motor Company, Tesla, Toyota, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz and just about everyone else indicate a fast track approach to autonomous driving systems. Recently, General Motors advanced the… Read more

Don Adair: 2016 Explorer debuts new trim, engine

With seven million units sold since its 1990 debut, Ford’s Explorer is the planet’s best-selling SUV-cum-crossover. Read more

Don Adair: Euro-flavored Hyundai Tucson satisfies on many levels

t’s too early to call it a trend, but the 2016 Hyundai Tucson is a turning point of sorts in the global auto industry. Besides being Hyundai’s entry in the U.S. compact crossover market, the all-new Tucson ($23,595, including destination) replaces a European Hyundai known… Read more

Ending rear enders

You’ve likely heard the recent announcement that autonomous emergency braking will become standard on most cars within six years. That will not end rear end collisions, but will begin to “put the brakes” on proliferation of such wrecks. Whether it is cell phones, vehicle devices,… Read more

Don Adair: GMC Sierra Denali a strong and comfy workhorse

Pickups are America’s best-selling vehicles — and not just because every roofer, builder and landscaper in town has one. Trucks are not just for work any more; ask any manufacturer cashing in on the RV boom. RV builders are selling every unit they can build… Read more

Is the thrill gone?

The lyrics to B.B. King’s “The Thrill is Gone,” portray the sorrow of an ended romance. While the words of the song make reference to relationships between people, the same woeful sentiments of abandonment and loneliness, to some, apply to their love affair with automobiles…. Read more

Check the nut behind the wheel

I’ve written that no matter their degree of prowess, every driver can learn and improve. That thought rings true for reader V.D., recalling fatherly advice and noting, “When I was being taught to drive by my father (many, many years ago), he told me to… Read more

Don Adair: Audi TT delivers peak experience

Certain French philosophers believed that our humdrum human lives are illuminated by moments of great clarity. Read more

Don Adair: The Affordable VW Tiguan

Volkswagen just made it easier to own a Tiguan. Already the most affordable German-built car sold in the U.S., the base price of the compact crossover drops $1,400 this year. Its standard features list grows and its infotainment system adds functionality. Even the entry-level Tiguan… Read more

Spring pedestrian bloom

While we watch the flowers bloom each spring, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians are emerging on our streets. After winter “hibernation,” their sudden increased presence can take unwary motorists by surprise. Pedestrians, especially, are plentiful and vulnerable. As groups and individuals, children and adults in the… Read more

Pondering driverless vehicles

The talk of driverless, or autonomous, vehicles has been big news from automotive and technology industries of late. The “conversation,” beginning with Google, and continuing with automaker and software giants, seems to indicate that the reality of the concept is getting close. I have written… Read more