We play the radio, listen to CDs or enjoy audio books. Many of us talk on our cell phones and, if our observations over the years are any indication, some motorists apply their makeup, shave and even catch up on their reading while stuck in traffic. While we might be … Read more


Runaway Cars

Q: We had another case of a runaway car recently - a car that was accelerating even though the driver was trying to stop it. It ended without any severe injuries, thankfully, though the car was more or less totaled. Every time this happens I wonder what I should do … Read more

Emerging pedestrians

When driveway shoveling gives way to lawn mowing, winter is over.  I just witnessed the latter taking place on my… Read more

Pickup Sheds Pounds But Is No Lightweight

Automakers - particularly the domestic brands - would seem to be in a pickle these days regarding their full-size pickup truck lines. With the U.S. economy firmly in recovery mode, sales of what are typically the most profitable models on a dealer’s lot are soaring, with sticker prices on luxury-minded … Read more

Pothole Problems Proliferate

Pockmarked pavement seems to be the new normal in many parts of the country as potholes caused by this winter’s icy roads have reached epidemic proportions. “Drivers know immediately when they hit a pothole, but what they don’t know is if their vehicle has been damaged in the process,” says … Read more

Back In Action

Q: I have some back issues that are rather significant and on long road trips the pain is reduced somewhat if I can tweak the height or angle of the seat slightly for a little while. So I want whatever car has the greatest number of power adjustments on the … Read more

Vehicles Rising

Number of light-vehicles sold in the U.S. in March, an increase of 28.8 percent over February 2014. Source: National Automobile Dealers Association Read more

Target Zero Team watching you

You should always reconsider your choice if you are tempted to drive after consuming alcohol.  Besides being a major cause… Read more

RX 350 F Sport: Crossover kingpin

Set your Wayback Machine to March 1998, and you’ll witness the first flash of a coming boom.

Today, high-end crossovers… Read more

Soul Power

We’ve always had a fondness for small hatchbacks that pack maximum utility into affordable and fun-to-drive packages. One of the top models in that regard in recent y ears has been the amenable-yet-quirky Kia Soul. It’s been redesigned for 2014 with added sophistication, yet retains the inherent funkiness that endeared … Read more

The ‘Everywhere’ Office

As if most of us didn’t already spend enough time working at the office, the flexible workspace provider Regus, headquartered in Luxembourg, predicts that the coming generation of self-driving cars will become popular among Type A professionals who want to make their commutes as fruitful as possible. To that end … Read more

Slip and Slide

Q: I’ve hydroplaned twice recently. What am I doing wrong? A: That unmistakable feeling of a too-light steering wheel - like when you’re driving on sheer ice - signals that you’re traveling on a film of water. There are three major contributors. 1. You’re driving too fast. Defensive driving experts … Read more

Female Driven

Percentage of attendees at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show that were women, the first time in history that women outnumbered men. Source: Wards Auto/ Foresight Research Read more

We are not alone

Two weeks back, I wrote of the concerns drivers have expressed to me about the freeway entrance ramp to I-90… Read more

Honda Ridgeline: Right-sized trucklet

Just as the first robin announces spring, the arrival of a Special Edition Honda foreshadows the arrival of an all-new… Read more

‘Minicars’ Fail Latest Crash Test

The laws of physics dictate that, all else being equal, a larger and heavier vehicle will always fare better in a crash than will a smaller and lighter one. For years, automotive engineers have been fairly successful at rewriting the rules by taking out bulk from cars to save fuel … Read more

New Side-Impact Tests for Child Seats

Kids’ car seats could become safer in the coming years, thanks to a new round of side-impact crash tests being proposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Washington D.C. Car seats would be affixed to a test sled that’s subjected to a “T-bone” collision in which the front … Read more