VW CC: One pretty Passat

In 2009, Volkswagen debuted the CC, a slick “four-door coupe” whose flowing silhouette suggested high-performance European luxury, but whose platform…

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Hottest (For the Wrong Reason) Cars

While heads will turn whenever a flashy sports car assumes a prime parking position - and one can bet that its owner has fitted his or her coveted ride with every anti-theft device available - it’s the Plain Janes of the automotive world that actually draw the most attention from … Read more

Tailgate Tomfoolery

Truck tailgates are fast becoming the components of choice among car thieves, particularly in areas of the country where pickups are most prevalent. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau in Des Plaines, Ill., tailgate thefts jumped by 31 percent last year, from 831 in 2012 to 1,090 in 2013, … Read more

Pot Problems

A column in which I responded to a reader who requested stats relating to legalizing marijuana and subsequent stoned driving numbers prompted much response. “You are ignorant on this point - obviously speaking from prejudice rather than experience,” wrote one. Nothing more … just that. “You’re a fool. Pot doesn’t … Read more

Safe Air

Estimated number of lives saved by frontal air bags between 1997-2012. Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Read more

Many are driving well

What if every driver had a sign affixed to the rear of their vehicle asking, “How am I driving?”  Based…

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Self-Driving Cadillac to Debut for 2017

Cadillac recently announced it would introduce what would essentially be a self-driving car within the next two years. This would make the luxury division of General Motors the first mainstream automaker to market with an auto that can, under certain circumstances, take control of a vehicle away from the driver. … Read more

Coming New-Car Colors

Look for tomorrow’s automotive paint treatments to reflect trends like unpretentious innovation and sustainable living, as well as the resurgence of “Rust Belt” cities, according to a report issued by BASF Coatings in Detroit, Mich. They may sound overly esoteric, but the most dramatic colors car buyers could encounter as … Read more


Q: I bought a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan a while back. I just can’t seem to get a straight answer on this: activating the ECO button (on the dashboard) does save me gas, so that’s good, but I’m told by some I should not use it all the time (though … Read more

Used Buyers

Estimated number of used cars, in millions, sold in September 2014. Source: Edmunds.com Read more

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

At the risk of appearing ancient, I’ll admit that the 1971 hit song “Signs” came to mind the other…

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Cities With the Most and Least Accident-Prone Drivers

Those for whom auto safety is a priority would be advised not only to choose a model that achieves top scores in crash-test ratings and comes with a full array of the latest accident avoidance features, but to also pack up the family and move to Ft. Collins, Colo., which … Read more

Be Wary of ‘Washed’ Car Titles

Used car shoppers should beware of an emerging fraud called title washing, with consumers in New Jersey, North Carolina, Mississippi, California and Georgia said to be at particular risk. That’s according to a report issued by the title search company Carfax in Centreville, Virg., which indicates as many as 800,000 … Read more

Rise of the Gears

Q: We are car shopping and finding many vehicles are now six-speed instead of four- or five-speed, and one sales guy told us eight-speed may be coming soon. Is this a gimmick or is more actually better? A: In this case, more is usually better, and most carmakers are either … Read more

Hot Tails

Percent increase in tailgate thefts in 2013, totaling 1,090 such thefts last year. Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau Read more

Open to interpretation

Each state has formed a lengthy list of road rules, attempting to govern every driving scenario with a required course…

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Upwardly Mobile-Mobiles

It’s a sure sign that the economy is on the upswing when the so-called “entry level” segment of the luxury car market not only thrives, but expands to draw in a new crop of upwardly mobile buyers. That’s currently the case, with upscale compact cars and crossovers becoming especially popular … Read more

Where it Costs the Most and Least to Own a Car

If you’re looking to save money, head for the Hawkeye State as those living in Iowa currently enjoy the lowest overall auto ownership costs in the nation at an average $1,942 per year. On the other hand, residents of Wyoming pay the most in this regard at an average $2,705, … Read more