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Pint-Sized Honda is a Big Deal

Small crossover sport-utility vehicles are the hottest things going in the car business these days, with a spate of new subcompact models, like the just-introduced Honda HR-V we recently tested, deftly combining practicality and affordability. Starting at $19,995 (including an $880 delivery charge), the HR-V is based on the subcompact … Read more


Unequal DUI Laws

Q: My nephew has been picked up for driving impaired at least four times. Very little in the way of punishment ever happens. And still he drives. In my part of the country, he would have lost his license years ago, and probably would have done time. He lives in … Read more

On readers’ minds

Readers regularly comment on the topics presented here. And those remarks are often the impetus for column content, including: dissecting rules of the road, examining driver behavior, discussing local traffic issues and touting safety reminders. The majority of reader commentary is positive, and it’s encouraging… Read more

Honda Pilot: Third generation is a charm

Like an automotive Dorian Gray, Honda’s midsize Pilot loses years as it ages. The Pilot is fully made-over this year. It’s curvier on the outside and friendlier within. Increased use of high-strength/lightweight steel in the body structure helps produce a weight loss of nearly 300… Read more

Collector Car Corner: Solving a Chevy LS7 454 engine mystery

I bought a 69 Camaro from a guy in Texas with an old Chevy crate engine in it called an LS7 Big Block. He installed the LS7 in the car in the late 1980’s and the number stamped on the block is TL02XCH09488093. Read more

Freshman Class of 2016

There’s a rich harvest of fresh-grown cars and crossovers debuting for the 2016 model year, with racy sports cars and posh new luxury rides leading the pack, along with an assortment of smaller and more affordable modes of transportation. For starters, Honda’s luxury division resurrects the low-slung Acura NSX sports … Read more

It’s Drive Time for Google

Take heed if you live in Northern California, as Internet giant Google is taking its fleet of advanced egg-shaped self-driving cars from the test track to “familiar roads” near its headquarters in Mountain View this summer to test their meddle in real-world situations. Erring on the side of caution, the … Read more

Electric Loss

Q: We have an electric vehicle and we learned that driving in cold weather limited our range much more than we had been led to believe. Has any independent group done any research on, truthfully, how far we can expect to go in cold or very hot weather? A: AAA … Read more

Bad Road, Big Money

Amount that poorly maintained roads costs the average driver in annual vehicle maintenance. Source: TRIP, a non-profit transportation research group funded by industry groups such as construction businesses and unions Read more

Freeway interchange improvements

I regularly receive reader concerns over the inadequacy of certain Spokane freeway interchanges. Indeed, some of the entrance and exit ramps to and from Interstate 90 here lack safe and efficient flow. Those design shortcomings may be partially blamed on delays and objections taking place… Read more

Hyundai Tucson: Catching up with the competition — and then some

Hyundai was one of three companies whose U.S. market share grew during the recession. Its fortunes have faltered since, however. Its failing? Too many cars, not enough crossovers. The compact crossover is the industry’s hot number. Segment sales are up 19 percent — mostly at… Read more

Test Drive: 2015 Nissan Juke

This week, we’re driving the 2015 Nissan Juke SL AWD that is classified by the EPA as a small station wagon. Although Nissan originally built the Juke to attract a younger demographic, an expanding number of baby boomers are driving Jukes, and Nissan expects this trend to continue. Read more

Collector Car Corner: Remembering the Lincoln V-8

My grandfather had a 1952 Lincoln that came with the first ever overhead valve V8 in the Lincoln line. Can you tell me more about this car? Read more

8 Tips to Know Before You Tow

With recreation season in full swing, many vacationers are headed to the lakes and campsites with boats and trailers in tow for some adventuresome recreation. Only for too many amateur haulers, towing itself can prove to be the adventure, and not a pleasant one at that. The National Highway Traffic … Read more

Cell Phone Crashes Climbing

Here’s another reason to keep your phone stashed in the glove box whenever you’re behind the wheel. Mobile phone-related incidents now account for 27 percent of all vehicle crashes, with 2014 being the third consecutive year of increases, according to data compiled by the National Safety Council in Itasca, Illinois. … Read more

Big or Small?

Q: Bigger tires or smaller tires for a new SUV I’m buying? It can go either way. I won’t be off-roading or anything like that. What’s your preference? A: Smaller. They’re better from a fuel-economy perspective, and they’re almost always quieter. They cost less, too. Q: We are car shopping … Read more

Gridiron Collision

Percentage increase in the rate of collision claims on days in which there is a home game in cities with an NFL team. Source: Highway Loss Data Institute Read more