VIDEO: Top Gear helicopter crash caught on camera

(Top Gear )

When a zany stunt goes wrong on Top Gear the results can be fatal.  Disturbing footage released Sunday by the BBC shows an accident that occurred during filming for Top Gear Korea.  By the looks of it the helicopter pilot is lucky to be alive.

The video is shot in Top Gear’s typical jovial fashion.  It shows presenter Kim Jin Pyo racing a Corvette ZR1 against an AH-Cobra helicopter.  The ZR1 outruns the helicopter down and back along a drag strip.  Pyo crosses the finish line victorious and the dramatic soundtrack tapers out.  Then unexpectedly the footage cuts to the Cobra banking hard and careening into the ground. The helicopter was completely destroyed. 

Footage from Pyo’s in-car camera shows him driving to the scene of the accident and running to the wreckage as emergency sirens start to blare in the background.  Luckily no one was seriously injured.

The wreck is a reminder that when Top Gear performs a stunt there’s no guarantee it’s going to go off without incident.  Thankfully wrecks like this one are a rare occurrence.           

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