Precision Driving

Who contributes: Bill Love

Passing, by any other name…

A line from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” is often refe… Read more

Lust for the left lane

Regular readers know that I exercise a crusade against wrongful left lane use for roadways with at least two lanes… Read more

The passing lane

When referencing the lane to the left of and adjacent to the right hand freeway lane, “passing lane” would be pref… Read more

Pay-by-mile insurance

Metromile is trying to change the way low-annual-mile drivers pay for auto insurance. The 2014 San Francisco star… Read more

Driver etiquette lacking

I could easily relate to a reader’s recent note. Within it, P.Z. pointed out a couple of pet peeves that bother h… Read more

Adjust to winter driving

Soon, we are likely to experience additional driving challenges. With the advent of winter’s rain, fog, ice, snow… Read more

Scrutinize those driving tips

I received a reader email with a couple of driving tips that especially apply as winter approaches. Sometimes, si… Read more

Applying the B.R.A.K.E.S.

Tragically, an inordinate number of teenage drivers — some 5000 annually — lose their lives in automobile accident… Read more

Many are driving well

What if every driver had a sign affixed to the rear of their vehicle asking, “How am I driving?” Based on the dri… Read more

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

At the risk of appearing ancient, I’ll admit that the 1971 hit song “Signs” came to mind the other day as I drove … Read more

Open to interpretation

Each state has formed a lengthy list of road rules, attempting to govern every driving scenario with a required co… Read more

Exceptions to the rules

I previously recounted a reader’s episode experienced while passing a left-turning vehicle within the city limits … Read more

Self-driving features go mainstream

We all know that machines can be assembled and electronically programmed to exceed certain human capabilities. A … Read more

Controlling others invites havoc

Trying to control the actions of other drivers is generally ill-advised. It’s especially wrong when the perceived… Read more

The science of window tint

A recent column about vehicle equipment standards prompted a message form reader R.C., who commented, “I am sure I… Read more

V2V network needs funder

A long-proposed V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communications network needs someone to “take the reigns” for funding, bu… Read more

Vehicle equipment matters

On any given outing, your vehicle may run, its tires have air and be keeping up with the flow of traffic. But tha… Read more

Check engine light woes

Ignoring or sticking black electrical tape over your car’s lit check engine light is not an advisable course of ac… Read more

The quest for low miles

During a recent chat with a car dealer, the subject of used-vehicle miles came up. As we spoke, we discussed one … Read more

Avoiding vehicle crashes

This summer, I’ve touted my perceptions of the positive aspects of road trips. While currently in the midst of an… Read more