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Emerging pedestrians

When driveway shoveling gives way to lawn mowing, winter is over.  I just witnessed the latter taking place on my… Read more

Target Zero Team watching you

You should always reconsider your choice if you are tempted to drive after consuming alcohol.  Besides being a major cause… Read more

We are not alone

Two weeks back, I wrote of the concerns drivers have expressed to me about the freeway entrance ramp to I-90… Read more

Crunching the numbers

As far as I know, all states have statutes requiring collision reports for vehicular incidents involving fatalities, injuries, or property… Read more

As winter wanes

As winter wanes, I am glad for many things.  My apologies to those who love winter, but I am markedly… Read more

The dreaded short chute

Many readers have expressed concern over the entrance ramp to I-90 eastbound from U.S. 195 northbound.  A nanosecond after drivers… Read more

Another take on distraction

A decade ago, driving distraction involved ill-advised behavior like rubbernecking at roadside happenings, reading, shaving or applying makeup.  While those… Read more

Two-lane havoc

A recent column concerning crossroads on a portion of U.S. Highway 395 north of Spokane elicited a wealth of reader… Read more

Thoughts on winter

Even though this winter has been mild when historically considered, it’s presented plenty of challenges for area drivers.  And while… Read more

Who goes first?

Certain driving situations create quandaries, and resolution often entails driver confusion and/or self-appointed traffic direction.

B.M. described an example near… Read more

Lane rights and fights

There has been much discussion here over roadway conflicts between vehicles of varying types, sizes and speeds, and how aggravation… Read more

Revisiting Maple at Francis

After several emails challenged my advice, I checked out the northbound left turn lanes on Maple Street leading to westbound… Read more

Turns and street markings

Following a column that addressed two adjacent turn lanes, I received a reader response that exemplifies why there is sometimes… Read more

Looking for errors

The majority of vehicles I encounter are piloted by good drivers.  Mostly, other drivers will see me and know when… Read more

Emergency vehicle approaching

Approaching emergency vehicles can be intimidating, especially when drivers are uncertain of how to react.  A note from reader D.D… Read more

Resolve to improve

We often make plans to better our lives at the start of each succeeding year.  Since that time is upon… Read more

Readers’ pet peeves

I’m regularly a “sounding board” for readers’ pet driving peeves.  A couple good examples of these irksome driving deeds made… Read more