Precision Driving

Who contributes: Bill Love

Keep conversation casual

It’s always been common for drivers to have conversations with passengers, but nowadays, phone conversations are also prevalent. Beyond that, many drivers can’t resist the lure of convenient text message communication. The latter is forbidden by law in just about every jurisdiction nationwide. But sadly,… Read more

Recurring controversy

Over the years of this column’s publication, some driving topics give rise to recurring controversy. Although common sense and written law should dictate driver behavior, certain situations continue to be a source of uncertainty, frustration, and even rage. Differing opinions and indifference to established rules… Read more

Elder driver follow-up

Two weeks ago, I presented some situations involving the elder group of drivers. That included accidents related to diminishing awareness/reflexes/vision or health problems, aging drivers’ reluctance to give up the driving privilege, and even some apt remedies for these dilemmas. As is typical, readers followed… Read more

Often forgotten prodedures

When we begin driving, we usually try hard to remember and employ all the new driving rules and tips coming our way. Back then, novice drivers are studying to get a learner’s permit, trying to impress driving instructors, or doing everything “by the book” to… Read more

Does age matter?

As it relates to driving, we have an established minimum age. Should there be a mandatory maximum? It’s evident that young drivers contribute greatly to traffic accident and fatality statistics. In fact, motor vehicle accidents remain the number one cause of death for individuals up… Read more

A city divided

Ever since the section of Sprague Avenue near downtown was altered from four lanes to two, comments I’ve heard regarding it have been mostly negative. Per my informal survey, anecdotal evidence also suggests a similar attitude toward the proposed lane reduction north of Indiana on… Read more

Safety tips to live by

At times I’ve hinted that to be safer in our motor vehicles, we’d all wear DOT approved helmets. That’s because nearly nine out of ten auto deaths result from an occupant’s head striking something within the car or truck. But since that is not a… Read more

A final winter’s tale

Spring has sprung early this year, making streets soaked with magnesium chloride a mute point for now. Still, judging by reader response to the last two columns on the topic, many citizens share concern over the melter’s use and overuse — some individuals even wishing… Read more

The modern car

I’ll readily admit that I sometimes long for the simplicity of “yesteryear” when it comes to automobiles. They did make use of basic electricity, but computers and associated electronic sensors were absent. Everything was quite rudimentary when compared to today’s vehicles — do-it-yourselfers even had… Read more

At least I’m not alone

Two weeks ago, when I wrote of the flagrant dispensing of liquid ice melter onto our roadways, I wondered if others shared my concern. I admitted then that the corrosive deicer has a valid place in the arsenal for winter road maintenance, along with plows… Read more

In search of answers

Readers send many questions my way. Some have been answered before and others offer new opportunities for discussion; some questions have definitive answers while others just create more questions. This week, C.K. offered some samples, writing, “I grew up in the Midwest and moved out… Read more

A personal rant

Many of my column topics directly reflect reader thoughts and concerns. Those reader ideas often mirror my own, and have widespread applicability and agreement. A phenomenon that I have not heard from readers about, but riles me, hopefully has at least a few proponents. That… Read more

Impetus to drive well

In a past column I wrote that we all tend to double-check our driving behavior when a police cruiser is within eyeshot. I have noted this effect to be so strong, that even drivers already travelling at the posted speed limit often slow down further… Read more

Driverless cars headed forward

We’ll be able to see the results of modern motor vehicle manufacturing at the Spokane International Auto Show this year. Many advanced driver assist features will also be on exhibit there this February 13th, 14th and 15th. These assists (lane departure warning, adaptive braking, et… Read more

Semantics, semantics, semantics

When evaluating real estate, it’s regularly recommended, redundantly, to consider location, location, location. Concerning the dissection of the legalese within traffic laws, a similar, applicable mantra might be, semantics, semantics, semantics. In an earlier column, I wrote that “passing, by any other name, is still… Read more

Resolutions: 2015 edition

Many of us use the beginning of a new calendar year as a prompt to make resolutions that might improve our lives. Diet and exercise are perennial faves, but try to think of some that might improve your driving this year. I have a few… Read more

Reexamining lane use

The emailed comments and questions regarding lane use are seemingly endless, so let’s reexamine the topic. Reader R.H. commented, “I would like to broaden the conversation with regard to your recent article on the use of the inside lane when driving on freeways. The law… Read more

Passing, by any other name…

A line from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” is often referenced to imply that labels don’t change what things really are. Similarly, passing, by any other name, is still passing. A reader once told me… Read more

Lust for the left lane

Regular readers know that I exercise a crusade against wrongful left lane use for roadways with at least two lanes provided for each direction of travel. I will continue to do so, as I regularly find evidence of drivers with an innate lust for the… Read more

The passing lane

When referencing the lane to the left of and adjacent to the right hand freeway lane, “passing lane” would be preferable to “left lane.” That designation better defines its primary purpose: to accommodate vehicles overtaking slower vehicles. An email from reader D.P. exemplifies potential confusion… Read more